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Say Selfie

   Modern. Open-to-air photo booth.

The Wedding Reception Scrapbook

"We've loved every minute of our journey."

Turn your Guest Book into a Scrapbook.

This option allows guests to leave a copy of their photo in a scrapbook for the bride and groom or man/woman of the hour. Not only does it ensure a copy of each photo taken but along with the photo, they can share funny stories, best wishes, etc. Way more fun than a traditional guest book that is full of just names. I hear a lot of people mention that it is so hard to get "so and so" to take a picture, but when you hit them with this, it's a lot harder for them to resist!

"Probably the best money we spent!"

One newly wed actually told us this! She and her husband pulled the scrapbook out while at their honeymoon and really enjoyed looking through and reading the notes that their loved ones left for them! Memories, memories, memories!!!